Hub and I leave for St. Maarten tomorrow to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.  We are leaving Huh in charge here at home.  My checklist for today as we prepare for our trip (in random order as I think of items to be done):

*Costco run – to pick up supplies of frozen foods, milk, snacks, and other requested items so that we can be sure our kids won’t “starve” while we are gone.  They have it in their minds that somehow every bit of food in the house is going to be gone before we return home.  Of course, with teenagers…that just might happen!  🙂 

 *Regular grocery store run to pick up smaller items for Yawlin’s sack lunches that he needs for two Webelos day camps he will be attending while we are gone.  We have also been given a request to pick up more doggy treats for the dog.  Heaven forbid the mutt go without treats while we play in St. Maarten!

*Birthday present shopping for a birthday party Yawlin has been invited to attend on Saturday (yes, while we are still gone).

*Leave the health insurance cards for all kids with Huh…just in case. 

*Vacuum Hub’s office and the stairs, finish laundry, dust the living room, clean the main bathroom sink…in other words, do last minute housework.

*Figure out a schedule that includes Huh and Mack’s work schedules along with Yawlin’s camp schedule and any other places the kids need to be.  It is still up in the  air as to whether Juju and Shroom will be at our house or their mother’s while we are gone.  Work schedules so far make it so that Mack has to take Hub and I to the airport, and Huh will pick us up when we return.

*Assign the dreaded chore lists for while we are gone.  If the kids thought they were going to get out of doing chores for a while, they are sorely mistaken.  I hate coming home to a messy house. 

*Notify neighbors that we are leaving so that they can “keep an eye on things” while we are gone.

*Make sure I grab my passport.


*Finish some last minute Young Women items for my calling at church.

*Get some emergency cash for the kids to use, if needed.

*Meet with the kids and tell them all “rules” for while we are gone (no boyfriends or girlfriends over, the car only goes to places such as work, the store, and birthday party drop off, all chores need to get done daily, lock the doors and windows before bed, no parties–I kill, kill, kill if that happens!)  We have good kids, I’m sure I don’t have anything to worry about.  But, it is still wise to spell out the rules, yes?

*Did I mention packing?  I haven’t even begun to pack.  I think I will be up late tonight.

Time has run out.  I WON’T get to shop for cute new clothes to take on the trip, nor will I get to get a spray tan so that I don’t blind everyone on the beach.  The beach goers in St. Maarten will just have to cover their eyes!

We are taking a laptop with us, so I might get to post something from St. Maarten…maybe.  We will just have to see how things go.

I’m off to Costco…