I’ve written before about the importance of parents staying connected with their teens in all the ways that teens find interesting.  That would include social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.  Monitoring what your teens are saying on those sites can help you get a feel for what they are thinking and feeling.

The other day I noticed that my step-daughter had changed her Facebook status from “In a relationship” to “Single.”

I went down to Hub in his home office and said, “Did you know that Juju and ‘A’ have broken up?”

“No,” Hub was surprised.

“Well, she has changed her status on Facebook.  It appears they have broken up.”

The break-up was apparently mutual.  The two of them will be moving far apart in the fall–Juju down south to college, and “A” up north to live with his dad–so they decided to remain friends, but not be in a dating relationship.  The “Mom” radar in me noticed that Juju seemed to be hurting from the break-up.  She was more quiet, there was a hurt look in her eyes.

One afternoon last week she came into the kitchen to get a snack for her and “A” who was over visiting.  It was just the two of us.  As I wiped the counter I said, “I was planning on getting to the store and buying you a boatload of Dr. Pepper to drown your sorrow in, but I haven’t gotten over there yet.”

Juju looked at me and smiled.  Dr. Pepper is her all-time favorite drink.  “Are you going to get there soon?”

“I’m hoping to get there soon.”

“Well, if you do, don’t forget what you just said.” 

“I won’t.  I’ll look specifically for Dr. Pepper.”

Juju spun on her heal and went downstairs, as she reached the bottom of the stairs I heard her say to A, “I love my step-mom!”

It was a simple gesture on my part, but it seems to have hit its mark. 

Points for the step-mom!

***Juju graduated from high school on Wednesday morning.  We are proud of her.  That was graduation number 3 in our series of 6 high school graduations in as many years.  Half way there!