Ever read about something in a magazine and then decide to try it?  Just this morning I read about a website–freetrainers.com–and decided to try it.  I have been wanting to “up” my fitness level, but haven’t found the motivation to really do something about it.  My problem is that I’ve never really been sure about what exercises are best for me so I try some hit and miss and then get bored and stop.  Last summer, with all the weird health symptoms I was experiencing, I exercised by walking the dog because it wasn’t too hard.  It was fun, and I do still enjoy walking my dog, but I don’t feel it was enough exercise, at least not to get me to the fitness level I desire.

Freetrainers.com is a website for people just like me–someone who needs to be pushed to feel the burn, but does not want to join a gym or shell out $$$ for a personal trainer.  All you have to do is register at the site (it’s free) and then fill out a questionnaire about your fitness level and goals and then you receive a free customized workout that you can print out and use during the week.  Each work-out is designed to begin the first Monday after you register and each plan goes for 8 to 12 weeks.  I haven’t explored the site enough to write more info about it, but it looks like you can log your progress on the site and receive feedback.

I have already had my customized workout created and took a sneak-peak at what I will be doing on Monday.  Oh my.  Let’s just say, I am going to be feeling the burn.  Which is what I wanted!  Right?  Right??!?!?  I will periodically record my progress on my blog as a form of motivation.  I also plan on sharing the site with my family to see if any of them want to give it a try too.

To go along with the whole health thing, here is a healthy breakfast we tried this week that was a hit (another find from a magazine):

Stuff a whole wheat pita pocket with peanut butter, banana slices, and thinly sliced apple and enjoy!  It had just the right crunch with the apple slices and the flavors mixed together for a tasty morning fill-up.  Not one of my family members complained about the breakfast.  And it kept me filled all morning.  I wasn’t as hungry for lunch as I usually am.

Just sharin’ for any who are interested in making some changes regarding their health!