On Friday evening my girls and I completed our first “girl time” with my mom.  Since it was the first one, I was the one to choose the activity.  We made it simple and went to Applebees for dessert.  My all time favorite dessert is an Applebees Blondie.  My mom had never had one before so she decided to try one too.  The girls all opted for a Chocolate Meltdown. 

We ate our desserts, talked, and people watched.  As we were heading back to our car Hoob spotted a sticker on the back window of one car and busted out laughing.  Of course the rest of us had to go over to see what she was laughing at.  The sticker showed some cartoon muffins and the words, “Muffins are just ugly cupcakes.”  The others got a kick out of the sticker too and took pictures of it with their camera phones so that they could share the laugh with their friends.

When we got back to my mom’s house we were all enjoying being together so much that we decided to play a game of Morph with my mom and my brother and his girlfriend who were there watching tv.  Again, much laughter, especially when the sentence “Grandma J is a closet Ute fan” morphed into “The Chinese Mexicans took over all the construction jobs.”

It was such a simple thing to spend time with Grandma J.  We are all looking forward to next month.  Hoob has opted to be in charge of the activity that month because it is her birthday month.  She threatens to make it be a shopping spree for her.  I don’t know which is worse, the shopping spree, or her original idea of toilet papering two uncles’ homes.

I think this is the best Mother’s day gift I’ve ever come up with.  🙂