Stuck on what to give Mom for Mother’s Day?  Here is what I’m giving my mom this year…

We typed up a simple note that said, “Our gift to you?  Girls time–once a month!”  We rolled the note up and stuck it in a new pair of socks (no significance to the socks…we just wanted a different way to “wrap” the note). 

We gave the gift to my mom at my niece’s birthday party on Saturday because we will be out of town over Mother’s Day weekend and won’t be able to see my mom.  We explained that, beginning with this month, my girls and I are going to take turns choosing an activity for all of us to do with my mom.  

Some ideas include:  Going out for dessert, playing mini-golf, having a cheese tasting party, visiting the zoo, relaxing and eating ice cream, movie night, making homemade cards, going on an easy hike, taco bar, using the backyard grill, making s’mores over the fire pit, going to a new restaurant, an outdoor concert, going for a walk, visiting the aquarium, having a puzzle night, a game night, and Hoob keeps suggesting we take Grandma toilet papering at two uncle’s homes.

Since it is “Girls Time” Yawlin gave my mom a 1,000 piece puzzle for the two of them to do together sometime over the summer.  They both love to do puzzles, often spending hours on one while at the cabin.

My mom loved the gifts and is excited to see what activities my girls and I come up with.  We are all looking forward to our monthly “Girls Time” with Grandma. 

Who knows, it might become a tradition that extends beyond the year!