For the third year in a row I am “unplugging” during National Turn off your TV Week.  I’ve written about my experiences unplugging in previous posts:  “Just be together”  and  “Unplugged” and “Prime Time for Family Time” and “National Turn off your TV Week.”  I am doing the same as in years past.  After publishing this post I will not blog, visit Facebook, or watch tv for the rest of the week.  I will post my observations/experiences next week. 

In anticipation for this week of being unplugged I polled my family with the following question:  If there was no electronic entertainment (computer, cell phone, tv) what activity would you be found doing?  The answers are below.

Hub – “I wouldn’t be able to work!”  (Hub works from home as a computer programmer)  “I guess I’d work in my yard more.”

Kweenmama – “I would read.”

Squid – Already lives unplugged as he serves a 2-year mission for our church in Uruguay.

Huh – “Softball.  Duh.”

Juju – “Kill myself!”  When I told her not to do that she continued, “Fine.  I’d find a cave and make it like a secret hide-out, kill the bear that is living in it, and keep her cubs to make them do what I want.”

Mack – “Join a convent.”

Shroom – “Depending on the weather I would snowboard or mountain bike.”

Hoob – “Kill myself!”  Again, I had to tell one of the kids not to do that.  She continued, “Dig a hole to China.”

Yawlin – “I would read or jump on the trampoline.”

Why don’t you give it a try?  Unplug for the week and do something different.  Work on a hobby, improve your yard, learn something new, read the paper, read a novel, play with your kids, exercise, ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, hike, hide, join a sport, do some volunteer work, clean the garage, plant a garden, go on a date with your spouse, or even try some totally nonsense idea like digging a hole to China.  Unplugging for one week isn’t going to kill you, and who knows, you might discover that you like being unplugged!

Until next week…