When I began blogging two years ago it was all so new to me that I visited many different types of blogs to find out what blogging was all about.  I wanted ideas for my blog, I wanted to see what others were writing about, and I wanted to make some connections.  Naturally, because of my circumstances, I gravitated to step-parenting blogs and blogs about divorce.  Many of the blogs I found were quite negative in nature (although quite entertaining, too).  Step-moms hate the biological moms (called BMs) and the biological moms hate the step-moms (called almost every name in the book).  Since I happen to be both a biological mom to four kids who have a step-mom, and a step-mom to three kids whose biological mother is involved in their lives, I have never joined one “camp” or the other. 

I decided to have my blog promote family.  Just family.  Whether it be a single mom struggling to raise her kids on her own, or grandparents raising their kids, or a blended family such as my own, or even the “traditional” family of two parents, 2.5 kids and a dog, I hope that readers/families can find something useful from my blog.  I’ve shared recipes, games, ideas for trips, and experiences from our blended family.  

Though I could write about some of the “stuff” we have had to deal with concerning the other parents in our kids’ lives, I choose not to go down that path and, instead, keep my blog positive.  And, believe me, some of the stuff I could have written would rival any of the other blogs out there as far as “soap operas” and drama goes!  My husband and I have dealt with a lot in the almost five years that we’ve been married.  But, the challenges and frustrations have only served to strengthen our resolve to make our blended family a success.

With that said, I want to share a snippet of a letter I received last week.  The oldest child of our blended family, Squid, is currently serving a mission for our church in Uruguay.  Last week we received a package that contained individual letters for all of us, with the instructions that the letters were meant for the individual recipients only and we were to let each family member read their letter in private.  My letter from Squid contained information about his missionary companion and about some of the work they’ve been doing.  He shared some of the things he has learned and the ways he has grown in the six months that he has been gone.

My favorite part of the letter is the last two lines.  Squid wrote, “Thanks for all your love and support–the love you’ve shown for me, my father, and my family.  I am truly proud of my step-mother.”

Those two lines did this step-mother’s heart some good!