Sloppy joes, olives, chips, and pepperoncini peppers for breakfast!  My family was not too excited.  Hoob and I were the only ones who choked it down.  Everyone else preferred to fast.  Last year’s April Fool’s breakfast of mac-n-cheese with a side of peas didn’t go  over any better.  Something about the smell of the sloppy joes in the morning hours grossed my family out.  Our planned dinner of German pancakes hasn’t met with any resistance at all. 

So there you have it folks!  It’s okay to have breakfast for dinner, but not dinner for breakfast!

Some of the kids’ chores today consist of taking the dog for a walk backwards, cleaning a soap dish (instead of doing the dishes), decorating grocery bags to be used as trash liners, writing a message on the bathroom mirror, and doing a load of laundry that consists of 4 towels, 3 white items, 2 light items, and one dark item (to be washed on cold).  They have also been instructed to find one unique item from their rooms to donate to a local thrift store.

Mother Nature decided to play an April Fool’s  joke on the residents of the Wasatch Front by dumping a ton of snow on us overnight.  So, even though today is the first day of spring break, it looks more like winter break.  Our activity then?  We are heading to the middle school across the street from our house to do some sledding on the great sledding hill there.  When I suggested we do some “Easter caroling” or even “Christmas caroling”  the kids told me I was weird.

Well, I’m off to go freeze my whatever off.  Enjoy your April Fool’s Day!  🙂