Carol at Writeathome tagged me in a bloggy activity last week.  I decided to participate because it seemed fun.  Here is the activity:

1.  Pick up the  closest book to you.

2.  Open to page 50.

3.  Go to the second paragraph.

4.  Type in the first 4 lines.

5.  Tag 5 people.

The closest book to me at the  time was “Married for Better, Not Worse” by Gary and Joy Lundberg.  The first four lines of paragraph 2 on page 50 read as follows:  “Sometimes when spouses enjoy different kinds of activities, it may require some compromising, just for the sake of being together and pleasing your spouse.  Connie and Kevin, who have had a devoted and happy marriage relationship for many years, are very good at this kind of compromising.”

That little blurb from the book got me thinking about ways my husband and I compromise in our marriage.   I think it is important to be friends with your spouse, and one way to be friends is to compromise.  Instead of tagging 5 people, I am going to share 5 ways that Hub and I compromise.  

1.  We compromise on choosing restaurants.  Hub loves Asian food.  When we go out to eat, his number 1 choice is to go to a Japanese steakhouse.  If he has tired of Japanese (which is rare) then he chooses Thai, Vietnamese, or Indian food.  The compromise on my part is allowing him to enjoy his Asian foods.  But, every once in a while, I decide that I simply cannot have another bite of Asian food and I request something different, such as Mexican or Italian, or even a nice juicy steak.  Hub compromises and drives us to whatever type of restaurant I am craving.

2.  We compromise on movies.  Hub loves sci-fi.  I like a good romantic comedy.  We both enjoy some action films.  When we decide to go to a movie we pull up all of the choices online, talk about what looks good, and then make a choice.  It seems to balance out quite equally when we choose movies.  Sometimes it is something he really wants to see, sometimes it is a movie of my choice.  Choosing movies has never been a problem for us.

3.  We have compromised on the garden.  Before we married each other we each had a great vegetable garden.  It was a no-brainer that we would have a big garden when we got married.  The problem is that we both like to garden so much that it is easy to “take over” the garden.  The first two years we were married I had to put my foot down and insist that there be a his and hers side to the garden, otherwise Hub would have planted the entire thing without any help or input from me.  By year three, when Hub had once again begun to encroach upon “my” side of the garden, I proposed a compromise of him planting most of the garden, but allowing me some space to plant the corn, squash, and cucumbers that I wanted.  And if he wanted 14 tomato plants, then so be it.  It has worked well for us.

4.  Money matters.  I don’t know if it could be considered compromising, but Hub and I always discuss what to do with any extra money that comes our way.  There are always several choices.  Save it.  Invest it.  Pay something off.  Use it to fix something up.  Break it up into several categories.  We never take action on what to do until we have both come to an agreement.

5.  We compromise on vacations.  I’m all for going to the beach or seeing and doing something I’ve never had the chance to do before.  Hub would rather go to our condo in Moab and do some jeeping.  We’ve done both.  We handle it the same way we do our money matters.  We discuss it, propose different ideas, discuss it some more, look at all options, and then we come to a decision together.  Most of the time we are able to do a little of both types of vacation.

Compromise!  It makes for a happy home life.