Last Friday Old Man Winter decided to exercise His muscles and hit our area with a blast of snow.  I was not pleased to see the storm when I looked out the window.  I am sooooo ready for spring!  It would seem that the rest of the family wasn’t very happy to see the storm either, and they responded by being in s-l-o-w motion as they got ready for the day.  We were all running late. 

Hoob was the lucky one of the family with a late start at school.  Every Friday her school starts at 9:30 instead of 8:05.  Because of the late start, Hoob often saves her Thursday chores for Friday morning.  In my haste to get to my morning crossing on time I rushed Yawlin out the door and yelled over my shoulder to Hoob, “Don’t forget to do the dishes.  I love you!”

As I drove to my crossing I realized with shame that I hadn’t said one word to Hub or kissed him good-bye before I left.  It would have been easy to do so.  He was already at work in his home office right by the front door.  Shame!  As soon as I had turned on the speed limit signs and set up my cones, and before I practiced spelling and vocabulary words with Yawlin, I decided to text Hub.  Here is our exchange:

Me:  I love you, you sexy man, you…

Hub:  Have nothing better to do than sit in a cold car in a snowstorm and text your husband that he is sexy, huh?

Me:  No, I just think he IS sexy…

Hub:  SEXY – Simply EXcited to be all Yours.  😉

That exchange made me smile all day.