As I was driving Mack to school one morning last week, she asked, “Mom, Snow White…is Snow her first name?”  The question was so out of the blue that it made me laugh out loud.  I had no answer for her.  I don’t know if Snow is her first name or not, but the question made me think about and begin to notice other times my family members have done or said something “out of the blue.”  The teens in our family have named off the wall comments and spontaneity “random” or “randomness.”  Is our family more “random” or spontaneous than others?  I think we are probably quite normal, but it is fun to take notice of some of the quirky randomness that does go on in a family.  Here is what I noticed in the week since Mack asked about Snow’s first name:

*After school one day, Yawlin walked backward all the way to my crossing.

*Juju and her boyfriend wanted to freeze her goldfish to see if it would survive.  (I put a quick stop to this activity)

*Mack decided to make chocolate chip cookies for everyone in one of her classes at school.

*Hub took Juju and Shroom to our condo in Moab for a quick weekend trip because the condo wasn’t rented.  My kids had a family baptism on their father’s side of the family, so we stayed behind.    Those who went to Moab decided to try “sledding” down a sand hill.  Shroom came home with a nice scrape on his chin.

*Unknown to me, Mack requested information about a fashion workshop in California this summer (“It’s only $600.00 Mom!”) and she began begging me to let her go after the requested information arrived in the mail. 

No.  She’s not going.  Not this year, anyway.

*Hoob has requested whole grain bread on this week’s grocery list.

*One evening the entire family played three rounds of a basketball game the kids call “Lightning.”  We were quite loud.  Hopefully the neighbors didn’t mind too much.

*Hub plopped the community education catalog in front of me and told me to choose a class the two of us can take together.  I’m leaning toward Dutch Oven Cooking, but there are other classes I’m interested in too.

*Huh has started watching old 80’s movies.

Everything mentioned above was “out of the blue” and not expected.  Spontaneous.  Random. 

And, they all made me smile.