A quick post for a busy day:

*Cooper, the cute puppy, has a new home.  We were firm with the kids about only having one dog.  Mack solved the problem by posting information about the dog in the online classifieds section of a local tv station and sold the puppy the very same day–at a $60.00 profit!  I guess if she couldn’t keep the puppy, extra money was the next best thing.  She went shopping the next day and came home with a new skirt, new tights, and new boots.  I just hope she doesn’t start buying and selling puppies on a regular basis!

*Game recommendation:  “Blink” by Mattel.  Two to four people can play it.  Each round lasts 2 minutes or less.  You simply match cards as quickly as possible using color, number, or shape.  It’s quick, makes us laugh, and is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Yawlin and I played it yesterday after church and kept tying each other.   After awhile I decided to snooze by the fire (my favorite place to nap this time of year) and Yawlin and Hoob played the game together.  Buy it if you can find it, your family will love it!

*A great quote I recently found:  “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”  –Mignon McLaughlin