THIS is the face of a deception on the part of Huh and Mack:

They actually thought that if they paid $20.00 for the puppy and snuck him into the house under Mack’s shirt we would simply say “yes.”

“Look how cute he is, Mom!” was the plea.

They named him Cooper and enlisted the help of siblings in the pleadings.  Yawlin looked at me with his own version of puppy dog eyes and said, “Pleeeeease!”  Hoob asked, “What’s wrong with having two dogs?”

 Even though Juju and Shroom are with their mother on Wednesdays, they got into the act and sent pleading texts to Hub.  “Keep the puppy!”  “Say yes, Dad!”

We are still in the dark as to how Juju and Shroom even learned that there was a puppy here.  All kids here deny letting them know.

A bewildered Max was not sure what to think…

…about this wiggly newcomer.

I reminded the kids that we didn’t allow a little lost kitty to make a home here.  Their pleadings continued.  I told Huh that she’d already gotten away with getting a pet mouse into the home; a mouse that, incidentally, has become a fat mouse.

The pleading, begging, sad-eyed looks did not work.

The answer is still “no.”

Cooper needs a home.


Update:  My biopsy turned out as expected.  The lump was benign.  Tests showed that my niece’s heart murmur hasn’t disappeared, but it also hasn’t gotten any worse, so she will still be able to have her tonsillectomy tomorrow as planned.  After a miserable time in the hospital, my dad is getting released today.  He will have to take a blood thinner for the rest of his life.  But, at least he is okay!