December 2008 – Hub has an emergency appendectomy and Mack gets Mono.

January 2009 – Mack has a tonsillectomy.

March 2009 – Huh gets Mono.

April 2009 – Huh gets a knee injury while warming up for a softball game.

May 2009 – Huh gets hit in the head with a softball (while sitting in the dugout!) and ends up with a concussion.

June 2009 – My dad ends up in the hospital with three blood clots in each lung and I begin experiencing black-outs, dizziness, and weird heart symptoms.  Doctors begin running tests on me to see what is wrong.

July 2009 – I continue to have weird head and heart symptoms and doctors continue to run tests.

August 2009 – My symptoms go away as mysteriously as they came.  Huh, meanwhile, has to have an ovarian cyst removed.

January 2010 – I find a breast lump.

Two weeks ago – I have the lump removed.  My follow-up visit to my doctor is tomorrow.

Last Thursday – My dad has to have four stints put into arteries near his heart.

Saturday night – My dad is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with severe chest pains.  It is discovered that he has blood clots in his lungs again, only this time there are too many to count.  He ends up in ICU.

Yesterday – Dad is moved from ICU during the afternoon but has to remain in the hospital.

Today – My two-year-old niece undergoes a heart test in which she will have to be sedated to see if the rare heart murmur that she was born with is gone or has gotten worse.  She is scheduled to have a tonsillectomy on Friday, but won’t be able to if the heart murmur has gotten worse.  Instead, open heart surgery will have to be scheduled.

I’m sick of hospitals and doctors.