Blending a family can be very challenging, and we have certainly had our challenges over the last 4 1/2 years that we’ve been “in the blender,” but, we have also had some good things happen.  Here are a few recent, every-day happenings that have occurred that makes me feel that our blended family is doing okay:

*Mack, Shroom, and Hoob stayed up late last Sunday evening playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) on the X-box.  Hub and I could hear peals of laughter coming from the basement.  The next morning, because there was no school, they were back in the basement playing.  I went down to check on them and they invited me to see the dance they’d made up the night before.

“Now keep in mind, we were tired when we made this up,” I was cautioned.

The three then proceeded to show me a dance in perfect unison that had the silliest moves I’d ever seen.  I laughed so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes.  “Has Hub seen this?”  I asked.


“I’m going to go get him.  He needs to see this.”

Shroom ducked and said, “Noooo, he will disown me!” 

The rest of us laughed and I went upstairs to get Hub who was working in his home office.  “Come downstairs.  There is something you have to see.”  Hub looked at me curiously and got up from his chair.

When we got to the basement the three goons performed their dance for Hub.  He laughed just as hard as I did.

Step-siblings together.

*Shroom sent Huh a Happy Birthday text:  “Roses are red, violets are blue, you look like a Huh, and you pitch like one too!

Step-brother to step-sister

*Hub and Yawlin spent some time together last night while the girls and I were at a Young Women activity for our church.  They visited my parents briefly and went to Wendy’s for dinner.

Step-dad with step-son

*We are all being patient with Yawlin who has been learning about crystals in school and who now has four different crystal experiments lined up on the kitchen counter.  It was Hub who took him to the store to get the materials for his new-found interest.

All family members

Playing games, laughing, dancing and being goofy, texting silly messages, eating fast food, fostering interests, showing patience and spending time together–those simple things are what make a blended family, any family, work.