In honor of Valentine’s Day, and to avoid too much sappiness, I list 10 quirky reasons I love my Hub…

1.  He wears his flip-flops all flippin’ year long.  He even shovels the walks in them!

2.  He’s a t-shirt and jeans guy.  He only dresses up on Sundays (for church), but, boy oh boy, when he does, he looks good!

3.  He lets the dog sleep on his side of the bed, and even covers the mutt up when he catches him sleeping with his head on  his pillow.

4.  He never thinks 14 tomato plants in the garden is enough!

5.  If he could have it his way, every family vacation would be in Moab!

6.  If he could have it his way, every meal would be asian food!

7.  He loves his sci-fi movies!

8.   He actually buys anti-wrinkle shirts–and thinks they will remain wrinkle free!

9.  He eavesdrops on conversations from his home office, and loudly comments when he feels the need!

10.  He messes up my spice cupboard, leaves his clothes on the floor, and forgets to replace the toilet paper roll, but claims innocence when I mention these offences.

Remove even one of the above quirks, and he’s no longer the man I fell in love with.  Ya gotta love ’em–quirks and all!

Happy Valentine’s Day Hub!


Update:  The surgery went well.  I’ve managed to get by with simple ibuprofen for pain.  No results on the biopsy yet, but the doc was 99% sure the lump was benign.