*Announce to family that I will be doing NO chores on Monday.  Maybe none on Tuesday or Wednesday.  They will need to pick up the slack.–check

*Grocery shopping done.–check

*Arrange rides so kids can get to school.–Huh is going to do it.  check.

*Laundry done.–check

*General straightening of house.–check

*Weekly email to Squid on his mission.–check

*Accept parents offer to bring in dinner.–check (Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you!)

*Call sub for crossings.–check

*Inform 0ther Young Women leaders that I might not be at the activity Wednesday evening.–check

*Register at the hospital.–check

*Alarm set for 5:30 a.m.–check

*Hub’s work arranged so he can be at the hospital with me for a couple of hours and then drive me home.–check

*Type blog post.–check

I hope you all enjoy your week!  I will be taking it easy.