Tuesday night I was all set to soak in a warm tub and then do a little last minute prep work for my art lesson the next day.  But, before I could start the bath water running, Yawlin came to me and asked if I would drive him to a local bookstore to see one of his favorite authors.  Apparently Brandon Mull, author of the Fablehaven series had visited Yawlin’s school that afternoon and had told the students that he would be at the bookstore that night for two hours signing books.

I looked at the clock.  7:15.  “What time was Brandon Mull leaving?”

Yawlin looked hopeful.  “I don’t know.  He just said he would be there for a couple of hours.”

“Yawlin,” I said with a sigh, “why do you tell me these things so late?  It’s possible he will be gone by the time we get there.  Besides, I still have some stuff I have to do before tomorrow.”

The disappointed look in my son’s eyes was heartbreaking.  I swear, that boy knows how to tug at my heartstrings!  I looked at him then back at the clock.  “Are your chores done?”


Sigh.  “You go finish them while I finish this one thing real quick and then we’ll go.  No promises that Brandon Mull will still be there though.”

“Okay!”  Yawlin dashed out of the room to go finish dusting the entry way and cleaning his room.

Fifteen minutes later we were on the road.  When we got to the bookstore we discovered that Brandon Mull was still there, but scheduled to leave in ten minutes.  We had just made it.  We hurried to the back of the line, Yawlin with his copy of Fablehaven tucked safely under his arm.  We happened to get in line behind two of our neighbors.  “J” is the librarian at Yawlin’s school and was there to have a copy of Brandon Mull’s picture book signed.  She and Yawlin carried on a conversation about Fablehaven, who the best characters were, and some of the happenings in the book.  My curiosity was piqued.  I guess I need to add Fablehaven to my list of books to read some day.

It turns out that we were the last people to see Brandon Mull that night.  Yawlin was all smiles.  He got his book signed, talked a bit about the book with the author, and had his picture taken with him (via my camera phone).  When we left, Yawlin had his signed copy of Fablehaven, a signed poster, and three bookmarks.  And, he was one happy boy!

I never got around to soaking in a warm bath that night.  But the joy in my son’s eyes…

It was worth it.