The t.v. was on showing the Grammy’s, mostly so Mack could check out the fashions for her fashion design class.  Most of us weren’t paying attention to the t.v. though.  Hub and I were cuddling on the couch and playing footsie.  Huh was sitting on the floor doing homework on my laptop.  Juju and Yawlin were making sock puppets–Juju for the upcoming youth talent show for our ward, and Yawlin just for the heck of it.  Between Grammy acts, Mack was flipping through old magazines looking for certain color schemes in outfits for her fashion design homework.  Shroom was also quietly doing homework.  Hoob was intermittently watching and commenting on the Grammy’s and packing her lunch for school the next day. 

Also present in the room were Plumber (Huh’s boyfriend), and Max, the dog.  Plumber had his own observations about the Grammy’s and Max, he just wanted people to pet him.

My family all together, just hangin’ out…

…My kind of night.  🙂