Thursday is the day of the week that I do my grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping happens to be my least favorite chore.  Unfortunately, it has to be done, so I try to make the dreaded excursion as painless as possible.  One thing that has made things a little easier for our family is the “hanging grocery list.”  I placed a note tablet with magnet on our refrigerator with the instructions to my family to write anything they want from the grocery store that week on the tablet.  I also instructed them to write items that we are out of or getting low on.  

It took a little training, but now each family member knows to write “yogurt” on the list if they happen to be the person who eats the last of the yogurt; or to write “pretzels” if they have a hankering for the salty treat; or to write “some different crackers” if they are getting tired of the selection of crackers in the cupboard.  Now, each Thursday, as I sit down to plan the weekly menu before I head the store, I tear off the top sheet of the tablet on the fridge and add the written items to the grocery list.

Rarely, now, do I go to get something out of the fridge or pantry only to find that we are out of it.  Someone in our family has usually noticed that we are low and has posted it on the fridge.  

Today’s listed items:

brown sugar
cold medicine
Yoplait smoothie mix

I’m off to the store!


Update:  The surgeon I went to see on Tuesday says he thinks the lump is a fibroidsomesortof longname (can’t remember what he called it).  At least that is what it looks like to him when he sees the mammogram and ultra-sound results.  When he felt the lump he said it feels like a lymph node, which is what the first doctor thought it was.  Regardless of what it is, I am having it removed on February 8.  The doc says that fibroidsomesortof longnames do grow, even though they are benign, so we might as well have it removed now while the incision will be small.  The surgery is done on an outpatient basis and I will be up and around the next day.

So glad it is nothing serious!