There are a few people from my neighborhood who have been involved with the organization “Healing Hands for Haiti” for about four years now.  In the past, they would get the rest of the neighborhood and the local LDS ward involved by asking us to make donations of simple medicines such as ibuprofen and anti-bacterial ointment that they would then take to the clinic in Haiti.  Donations of hygiene products and cash were also always welcomed.

The recent massive earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti have destroyed the “Healing Hands for Haiti” clinic.  Their website is found here:

Donations can be made directly on the website.  There are also links of reputable charitable sites posted on the websites of most local tv stations.  Can you find it in your heart to help the people of Haiti?  The stories coming from that country are heartbreaking. 

Our family donated directly to “Healing Hands for Haiti” at church yesterday.  We feel so helpless, wondering if that is enough. 

But, at least it is something.


Update:  The mammogram revealed that I have a lot of cysts on the right side, and the mystery lump on the left side remains a mystery.  Doctors aren’t sure what it is. It doesn’t “look or act” like a breast cancer; it is too smooth and it MOVES.  Of COURSE it would be ME that has some weird thing going on!   My doctor has me going in to see a surgeon tomorrow for a second opinion/possible biopsy.  I’ve decided that it is just some sort of fatty deposit.  And maybe I’ll end up lumpy all over!  🙂  Let’s hope that is all it is…