A brand new year calls for some goal setting.  I was interested in learning what goals each of my family members has set.  So, I asked them…

Hub – Start a new business

Squid – Unavailable to ask while he serves his mission in Uruguay.

Huh – The conversation went like this:
“Lose 30 pounds.”
“What?! Why?!”
“Okay, 15 pounds.”
“You don’t need to lose weight!”
“Okay, my goal is to be nicer to snots.”

Juju – To not get killed by the mafia.  That is an easy goal to achieve.  I’m pretty sure I will reach that goal.

Mack – To get my best possible score on the ACT and SAT tests.

Shroom – The conversation went like this:
“My goal is to get better looking.”
“Is that it?”
“And to get a job.”  A pause.  “And get a girlfriend.”
“Ah, so you want a girlfriend, huh?”
“Well, I already have four.”
“So you are trying to weed them out?”
Again a *sigh*

Hoob – To memorize all of the Harry Potter movies. 

Yawlin – To get better at art. And to not kill anyone in my Webelos den.
Triple *sigh*

My goal?  To help some of my family members learn how to set goals.