Last night we had our first combined young women activity with me at the helm as the new Young Women’s President.  We had a mother/daughter gingerbread activity in which each girl and her mom (or other invited guest) got to build and decorate their very own gingerbread house.

There were traditional houses using red, green, and white.  There were houses with frosting icicles.  There were houses with gingerbread trees placed carefully in front.

And then there was the “Ghetto” gingerbread house.

The cinnamon discs became too heavy for the roof, causing it to slide off.  So, a candy cane and some celery sticks from the refreshment table were used to prop up the roof.

And, of course, the “ghetto” gingerbread house was created and named by my daughter, Hoob.

She is such a goon.