I have received a last-minute request from the Bishop of our ward to do a service for a family in need.  The Bishop would like the Young Women’s organization to provide Christmas for a single mom and her two kids which are an 18-month-old baby and a 16-year-old daughter.  Items requested are clothes for the kids, a dress for the mom, a game for the 16-year-old, and a few toys for the baby.

As I presented the request to the young women of our ward in church yesterday, I was gratified to see that they were all willing to help this little family that doesn’t even live in our area.  I was even given some money by a couple of the girls immediately after presenting the request.

We only have one week to pull a Christmas together for this family in need, all donations need to be ready next Monday.  This Wednesday night we are having a mother/daughter night of making gingerbread houses.  We have asked the girls to bring any donations that they have to that activity so that we can start to organize the gifts and see what else we will need to purchase.

Though I am already short on time, I am grateful for this opportunity to serve people we have never met.  Last year our family provided Christmas for a different single mom and her children.  My kids and step-kids enjoyed providing that service, and now my daughters and step-daughter get the opportunity to serve again, along with their teen friends in the ward.  I love to see teenagers serve others instead of thinking of themselves!

It is going to be quite hectic for the next few days as I coordinate the service for this single mom as well as continue my “regular” daily activities, AND finish the Christmas shopping for my own family.

One week to provide a Christmas for a family.





We CAN pull it off!