Of course, a typical blog post this time of year will be filled with words of gratitude about the most important things in our lives such as our families, good health, our home, and the yummy feast to come.  I know my family would express gratitude for all of that, but I wanted to spice things up a bit for this post.  So I asked my family to tell me one quirky thing they are thankful for.  Here are their answers:

Hub –   “My Flip-Flop Spread so that I can wear flip-flops all year long.”  (This is the space between his big toe and the next toe that is wide enough for him to wear any width of flip-flop band)  And he does wear flip-flops…All. Year. Long.  Doesn’t matter how cold it gets, he is in his beloved flip-flops.

Kweenmama – “I’m thankful for the cute little first-grader who brought me a piping hot cup of cocoa this morning, wished me a happy thanksgiving, and thanked me for being her crossing guard.”  Not really quirky, but it made my day!

Squid – (Unavailable to ask while he is serving a mission for our church in Uruguay.)

Huh – “Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream.”

Juju – “Farmville and Dr. Pepper at the same time.”

Mack – “SkiShop.”  (Her boyfriend)  When I said that I was looking for something quirky she laughingly said, “He is unusual, so it counts.”

Shroom – “Muscle Milk.”

Hoob – “Socks.”

Yawlin – “Dirt.”

SkiShop (who always seems to be at our house) – “My mom.”  Again, I pointed out that I was looking for something quirky.  His reply?  “My mom is unusual.”

I said, “I’m going to tell her you said that.”

“That’s okay.  She will probably just laugh and then call me some rude name.”

Whitney (Mack’s friend who was at the house doing chemistry homework with Mack) – “Flowers.  They smell nice.”

Happy Thanksgiving!