Some of the names we gave her were Butterscotch, Creamsicle, and Graham.  We had her for a day and a night. 

Someone found her in the parking lot where Huh works.  Huh didn’t have the heart to take her to an animal shelter, so she brought her to our house to stay until she could find her owners or a family that would adopt her.

As cute as she was, we couldn’t have her here for very long because too many in our household have cat allergies.  The kids played with her and held her.  Max barked and growled at her.

I napped with her.

Knowing the situation was only temporary I took full advantage of it and settled comfortably in my recliner with the kitty.  Her sweet purr lulled me to sleep.

I miss having a cat around.  My childhood involved cats.  Lots of cats.  Curse those inherited allergies!  (Something else to be mad at my ex about?  🙂 )

Sometimes it pays to take advantage of temporary opportunities when they come, such as snoozing and cuddling with a purring kitten.  You never know when the opportunity will come again.

It was the best nap I’ve had in a long time!