Here’s what has been preventing me from visiting Blogland:

*Back in October a sprinkler broke and flooded our basement.  We finally got the insurance money and have been having the carpets in the basement replaced, which has required moving furniture in and out of rooms and lots of rearranging.  The carpet was finished earlier this week and now we try to find spots of time to put everything back.

*November and May are the months I scrub carpets in my home.  Though the task was made easier this month because of new carpet being put in the basement, I have still been trying to get the rest of the house done before Thanksgiving.  Huh scrubbed four areas to earn some money, which helped me out too.  The last of the rooms was finished on Tuesday.

*Our front door has decided it doesn’t want to open from the outside.  The western sun has warped it and it is now time to replace it.  We’ve given the job of measuring and hanging the new door to my brother who has recently been out of a job.  He came out one day last week to measure and he is coming later today to go with Hub to purchase the door and then hang it.  Hub is considering having my brother install new patio french doors as well.

*On Thanksgiving we are hosting 60 members of Hub’s extended family.  Of course that puts me in scrubbing, shining, and cleansing mode.  Is there a way to lock the kids up so that they don’t make any messes in the rooms I need to stay clean???

*Hoob will be dancing with her dance studio at the Festival of Trees on December 2.  Her studio has scheduled “extra” practices to make sure they are ready for the performance, which requires the family chauffeur (me) to get her to her practices.


I have received a new calling in my church.  I have been called to be the Young Women’s President of our ward (congregation).  This will require much of my time for the next three years or so.  In essence, I am now the leader of 35 girls ages 12 to 18 (18-year-olds remain in the program until they graduate from high school).  Some of the duties include Sunday instruction, Wednesday evening activities, planning and participation in a three-day summer Youth Conference, planning and participation in a five-day summer camp in the mountains, and guiding them through the Personal Progress program which is a program in which the girls set goals in eight areas (faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice & accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue) that will help them grow spiritually and reach their divine potential.

This calling will require quite a bit of my time.  I will still make my family my top priority, which also requires a great deal of my time.  All of this means that I may not have as much time to spend in Blogland.  (Wah, sob, sniff)  I will still try to post regularly; I just don’t know what “regular” is going to end up being.  I may not get around to visiting other blogs as often as I used to, but I will still try to read blogs when I get a free minute.

I have been quite busy for the last few weeks, but it has been a good busy.  I’ve still managed to meet the needs of my family, which is most important.  The one “baby” that I might have to neglect, my little Kastle here, will survive.  It might get a little dusty, some cobwebs might be found, but I’ll still try to visit and keep it “homey.” 

And now?  It is time for me to go do a load of the never-ending laundry.