Part of divorce means sharing the kids with your ex-spouse at times you would rather have them all to yourself.  Such is the case this weekend.   Halloween isn’t one of the standard “holidays” that divorced couples take turns having the kids on, but because Halloween falls on a weekend this year, and because our kids visit their “other” parents every other weekend, our kids are not scheduled to be with us this Halloween. 

Sooooo, since the kids will be gone and I won’t get to see them dressed up in their costumes as they head out to Halloween activities with their friends, and since opening the door to trick-or-treaters doesn’t seem as fun without my kids being around, and since it doesn’t take much of an excuse to get us to go…Hub and I are going to Moab for the weekend.

We are going to take my parents with us because they have never been to Moab before and, dang it, it is about time they went!  My parents are hauling their atv’s down and we are going to show them some of the trails.  We will also be hiking in Arches National Park.  I will have my camera and so will post pics soon!

Happy Halloween!