Not much time for posting today.  I have a bunch of last minute tasks to complete before we drive to Las Vegas for the weekend for my little sister’s wedding.  I leave you with a little tip that works for me:

During the chilly months of fall and the cold months of winter I like to light scented candles in my home.  It adds to the ambience, ya know?  Being the daughter of a former fire chief, I am paranoid about accidentally leaving a candle burning and causing a fire.  I heard too many of my dad’s horror stories growing up, so house fires are a real worry of mine.  As soon as I light a candle I immediately put something on my purse to remind me that a candle is burning.  My purse has my car keys in it, so it is habit to just grab the purse and head out the door whenever I need to go anywhere.  If there is something “unrelated” to the purse and “going somewhere” lying on my purse (i.e. a pair of scissors, a tupperware lid, a can opener, etc.) it reminds me to go blow out any candles before I leave the house.  A simple thing to do, and it works for me!

Okay…Viva Las Vegas!