Things to do with your son on a cold autumn weekend when he is laid up with a swollen, pus-filled in-grown toenail that makes him miss his soccer game:

*Follow the doctor’s orders and keep the foot elevated, soaking it periodically in warm water mixed with a little hydrogen peroxide.

*Buy him a puzzle book to keep him from getting bored.

*Watch and listen to the general conference of your church on t.v.

*Read the Sunday comics together.

*Pull up the blinds and watch a thunder storm.

*Play a few games of “Battleship.”  Make up goofy new rules as you go.  Enjoy the giggling.

*Watch a movie.

*Encourage your son to take a nap…so that you can take one too!

*Fix hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.  Serve it to him while he rests his foot.

*Play “Aggravation” until you’ve each won at least one game.

*Graciously say no to playing a Harry Potter trivia game so that your husband (the step-dad) and your son can play it together–just the two of them.

*Plop down on the couch and answer some of the Harry Potter trivia questions without being asked.  Get chewed out by your son and husband.  Show them the tomato soup you are sipping that has some of your roasted garden tomatoes added.  Yum!

*Get your son a bowl of the tomato soup with the roasted garden tomatoes added because he says it looks good.

*Play the Harry Potter trivia game with your son after he beats the pants off of your husband.

*Lose the Harry Potter trivia game.

*Give your son a hug when he requests one.

*Make sure your son is comfortable with pillows, blankets, and plenty to do when you have to leave him on the couch to take care of your flooded basement.

*Check on him periodically.

*Allow him to go see the flooded basement.

*Make him get back on the couch.

*Keep him company while the disaster clean-up crew does their job.

*Check on his toe then send him to bed at bed time.

What did I do this weekend?  All of the above.