We can’t say that it went off without a hitch.  For awhile Squid couldn’t find his immunization records and Hoob’s school didn’t get her checked out at the time I’d requested.   Thankfully, Squid found the paperwork he was looking for and I was able to find Hoob and get her out of the school (she’d better not be marked truant or there is going to be one mad kweenmama in the school office today).  Even with those little glitches, we all made it to the airport on time to say good-bye to Squid before he left on his two-year mission for our church.

Going down the escalator to find the check-in kiosks.

Going down the escalator to find the check-in kiosks.

There were hugs and tears…

misc 225

misc 229

And then three missionaries who had just met walked away from their families…

misc 244

As a step mom, there is a little ache in my heart.  Squid is going to be missed.  But I’m sure the ache in my heart is nothing compared to what Hub and his ex must be feeling right now. 

We are very proud of Squid.  He is going to be a great missionary.  The kids are already talking about the changes and growth that will occur, not only in Squid over the next two years, but also in all of us.

Good luck Squid!  See you in two years!