It’s going to be one of those weeks.  Here it is in a nutshell: 

Today is Shroom’s birthday (big 16!), volleyball for Mack and Hoob, work for Huh, dance for Hoob, soccer practice for Yawlin followed by a baseball game for Yawlin and a football game for Shroom.

Sunday is the mission farewell for Hub’s parents who will be serving a mission for our church in the West Indies.  After attending their ward (congregation) and hearing them give their farewell talks we will rush home to our ward to hear Squid give his farewell talk for his mission to Uruguay.  Family and friends will gather at our house afterwards for visiting and food.   

Monday we will try to get a family portrait taken in a nearby canyon, something we really want to get done since Squid will be unavailable for family pictures for two years.

Tuesday is Hub’s birthday, work for Huh, dance for Hoob, and a baseball game for Yawlin.  It is also parent/teacher conferences for the middle school and high school.

Wednesday we will check the school-age kids out of school at 12:15 so that we can all be at the airport to say good-bye to Squid who will fly to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Argentina where he will spend a few weeks before moving on to Uruguay.  Hub is going to be a mixture of emotions on this day, saying good-bye to his oldest son for two years, he’s going to be proud, sad, worried, and happy all at once.

Thursday we will receive the news that Squid arrived in Argentina okay, Yawlin will have a soccer practice and a baseball game, Huh will have work, and Mack and Hoob will have volleyball, Hoob will have dance, Juju will have special needs mutual (she helps a girl with special needs) and Shroom will have a football game…

…and so our lives will continue…