My daughters showed me something this summer that got me excited about exercising.  A park near our home has added outdoor exercise equipment!  My daughters tried the equipment off and on over the summer and I have gotten into the habit of using it after my daily two mile walk with our dog.  There is a pull-up and dip station, a seated chest press, a seated lat pull, two air walkers, some multi-bars, a sit-up station, a rowing machine, and a leg strengthening machine. 

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Max does NOT want to exercise! :-)

Max does NOT want to exercise! 🙂

It’s like having a gym in the park!  With the current economy, I see more and more people using our local parks and trails for exercise.  Gym memberships are probably one of the easiest ways for people to cut and save money.  The other day I saw three young mothers with their babies in strollers jogging one of the trails.  They stopped at a baseball field and used the backstop as an anchor for their elastic exercise bands and did arm exercises.  I’ve seen people using stairs to stretch their calves (I’ve even done that).  I know an older lady who uses heavy books to do arm lifts. 
It would seem that people are getting quite creative in the ways they get exercise these days.  I would be interested in hearing other ideas on how people are getting exercise–on the cheap.  What are some ways you have found for your family to get exercise without paying for it?