I love this quote from Michael J. Fox:  “…every day is filled with pretty cool adventures and surprises.”

Every day?  That is a great attitude to have!  I’ve decided to try an experiment this week and pay more attention to the adventures and surprises of the day.  Or, in other words, the positive things that happen each day.  The “adventures and surprises” don’t have to be anything big.  They can be as simple as these recent happenings in our family:

*Some of us watched a mother quail take care of one of her injured babies on our patio.

*Squid has been trying to beat his time on a local down hill biking trail.  The other day he came into the house and excitedly announced, “Kween, I just did the downhill in nine minutes forty five seconds!”  Thirteen seconds faster than last time.  My reply?  “Woo hoo!” and a high five.

*Mack asked me to play “Horse” with her in the backyard one evening.  We joked and laughed as we tried to make shots from the porch, from behind the basketball hoop, and facing backwards.  I lost.  As usual.

*Yawlin and I got a good laugh one afternoon as we watched Shroom and one of his friends get chased by a little “yip yip” dog.

*Near the end of the school year last spring Yawlin joined me at my crossing.  He visited with me while I crossed kids and told me all about his day.  When it came time for me to turn off the speed limit signs he decided to walk with me to the first sign.  Without warning I took off running towards the sign.  I heard Yawlin gasp, then laugh, and then he raced me to the sign.  It was a tie.  The best part was hearing Yawlin say, “That was funny Mom.”

*July 24 is a state holiday here.  Hub had to work that day since it was only a state holiday, not a national holiday.  Hub’s kids were spending the holiday with their mother.  So, that left me and my kids to celebrate the day together.  We decided on a matinee at the dollar theater and then bowling (Yawlin has free bowling passes from school).  When we got to the theater the show we wanted to see was sold out so we bought tickets for the next showing and then decided to still squeeze in a game of bowling.  What resulted was a game of “speed bowling.”  Instead of trying to beat our scores from the last time that we went bowling, we simply tried to get through the game as fast as possible and still make it back to the theater in time for our movie.  We laughed a lot during that game.  As we rushed to turn in our bowling shoes the kids all reported that it was the funnest game of bowling they’d ever had.   

Simple adventures.  Lots of laughs.  This week I will be looking for adventures and surprises in my day-to-day activities.  I will report the results next Monday.



Because some have asked…my dizzy spells and weird heart symptoms have disappeared.  It is still a mystery as to what was causing it.  It is a mystery that will probably never be solved.  I’m just glad to be feeling healthy again!