So far, on this trip to Hawaii, I have learned…

*Milk is $9.00 a gallon in Hawaii!!!

*When getting driving directions from a member of the hotel staff, make sure to ask enough questions.  Otherwise, a very important turn-off might be omitted from the driving directions, and you will then end up on the “wrong” side of the island.

*You can always stop at a 7-11 and ask the very nice lady behind the counter for the correct driving directions.

*Fresh lei’s smell good!

*The dude that climbs the coconut trees in the Samoan Village at Polynesian Cultural Center will pose for pictures.

Hawaii 033

Hawaii 034

*An authentic luau consists, not only of a pig cooked in the ground and fresh fruit, but also raw fish, purple taro rolls, poi, and purple sweet potatoes.

Poor roasted pig!

Poor roasted pig!

Authentic Hawaiian food.

Authentic Hawaiian food.

*I don’t like the taste or texture of purple sweet potatoes!

*Mack doesn’t like the taste or texture of purple sweet potatoes or poi!

*I can be taught how to weave a fish out of coconut leaves.

Hawaii 037

*I cannot pronounce the names of places and streets here!  And my daughters get a kick out of listening to me attempt the pronunciations.

*You have to watch a nine minute video before the “people in charge” at Hanauma Bay will let you go snorkeling there.

*The LDS Temple in Laie is in the middle of 1 1/2 years of renovations.  The windows are boarded up, but it still looks pretty from a distance.

Hawaii 017

*Our hotel swimming pool looks pretty cool from our balcony.

Hawaii 006

*Mack is positive she keeps seeing “Deceptacon” cars all over Hawaii.

*There is a bird guy who brings his birds to International Marketplace and allows people to hold the birds and take pictures.

Hawaii 106


Hawaii 103

*There are lots of pigeons here.  Some like to hang out on our balconies.

Hawaii 090

*And the very most recent thing I’ve learned is that Mack is ready to hit the beach.  Time to go!