This week our family is going to be all spread out.  Tomorrow morning Huh will leave for a softball tournament in Hawaii with her softball team on a UsAir flight.  Two hours later, on Delta, Mack and I will follow her.  The next morning Hub will leave to Moab, Utah on a trip with a group of young men from our ward.  Squid will meet up with him there on a drive back from Florida where he flew last week to help his cousin move back to Utah.  Juju and Shroom, who just barely returned to us from a two-week long trip to Australia and New Zealand that their mother sent them on, will be staying with their mother for the rest of the week.  Hoob and Yawlin will be staying with my parents and spending time with cousins.  Max, the dog, is the only member of our family who will remain at home, being taken care of by trusty neighbors.

Although I am looking forward to watching my daughter play softball in Hawaii, of all places, I will be glad when we have all returned home safely and things are back to “normal.”   I prefer when we all travel together

I will be bringing my laptop because Huh, who has been taking online college courses since January, has homework she has to complete despite the fact that she will be in Hawaii playing hard in a softball tournament.  Since the laptop will be with me, I hope to be able to post one or two times.  If it doesn’t happen?  Aloha, until I do get around to it!