It’s been on the wall for about a year.  I haven’t had the heart to remove it.  He was so proud of himself for actually getting it there.  And, I can’t remove something that so clearly gives me a glimpse into his quirky personality. 

...on Yawlin's wall.

...on Yawlin's wall.

What is it?  It is dried paint.  Last summer Hub and Mack painted one of the walls in her room a deep plum color (her choice).  While the two of them were off cleaning the paint roller and brushes, Yawlin carefully pealed the skin of paint left on the bottom of the paint pan and, using push-pins, tacked it to his wall.  For some reason he liked that skin of paint.  It’s quirky.  It’s different.  It’s totally Yawlin.  And so I’ve left it there. 

The other day when I once again noticed the paint skin hanging on the wall it got me wondering what sort of things the other kids in our family have hanging on their walls.  The walls of the kids’ bedrooms tend to be invisible to me.  I’m usually more concerned about what is on their floors or lurking under their beds.  I decided to make the rounds with my camera and see what the bedroom walls of our house are sporting.  Maybe it will give a glimpse into the personalities of our family members…

Across the hall from Yawlin’s room is Huh’s room.  Two things caught my attention:

A corgi.

A corgi.

 Huh’s drawing of a corgi that she did in her art class her junior year of high school…and…a sign one of her softball friends sent her…

misc 135

Down the hall is Hoob’s room.  I walked in with my camera and said, “What’s on your wall?” 

Hoob pointed to her display wall (she has dedicated an entire wall to display things of interest to her) and said, “My coin flower!”

misc 136

Squid and Shroom share a room in the basement.  Their walls were empty except for two posters showing a snowboarder.

misc 137

Across the hall from Squid and Shroom’s room is Juju’s room.  Her walls were completely blank, but I was able to take a picture of one of her oragami creations that she has hanging from the ceiling.

misc 138

Down the hall is Mack’s bedroom.   Her walls were also blank, except for one area.  Mack “gets” to have one of the fuse boxes in her room.  She has covered the metal box with a collage of items of interest to her. 

misc 140

A close-up of one of the items:

misc 139

What of the master bedroom?  Just some uninteresting pictures.  My mirror does have this picture tucked into the side though:

misc 132

That is me with some of the live scorpions crawling over me as I participated in “Fear Factor-Live” at Universal Studios Orlando last summer.  Propped up on one of our dressers is a painting placed there by Hoob.  One of her favorites that she created in her art class last year.

misc 131

Whenever Hub’s office door is closed with this on it, we know to not disturb him:

misc 141

Allowing your kids to have some say in bedroom decor will give them a small sense of freedom.  Whether it be plum walls, green and purple rugs strewn strategically on the floor, or an entire wall dedicated to their doodles, allowing that freedom to deocorate will give you a tiny glimpse into who they are.  It might even be a great conversation starter. 

It is a small price to pay to allow them to be them.