I tried to stay mum.

Why get people all worked up and worried?

But, when my Relief Society President started to “hear things” about my health and gave me a call, just to check on me, I ended up telling her everything that has been going on, starting with my first black-out period four weeks ago and up to the continuous dizziness and pressure in my head that I experience now.  I told her that I was waiting for the results from an MRI and a Holter Monitor. 

Waiting for test results can be a little scary.  My imagination worked over-time on what could possibly be wrong.  I told my Relief Society President that the reason I hadn’t told many people about what was going on was because what if it turned out to be something really trivial and stupid????  Why get people all worked up over something stupid?

She replied, “Well, lets hope it is something stupid.  If it is we will throw a party and celebrate that it was something stupid and not serious.”

Yeah.  I want to throw a stupid party.  I really do.  What a better way to celebrate after being worried for an entire month!  A stupid party could be a lot of fun!

My MRI and Holter Monitor tests both came back clean.  They show nothing seriously wrong.  Whew!

But, it is still a guessing game as to what is going on.  The neurologist suggests that maybe it is “migraine with aura.”  My MRI shows that I have experienced migraines in the past.  Whoa!  I never knew I’d had a migraine.  I’d heard of them.  Two of my daughters get them occasionally.  But I had never experienced a major headache.  According to my neurologist, it is possible to experience a migraine and not feel any pain.  Whoa, again!  Really?  Weird.

I’ve been put on two different migraine medications to see if they knock out my symptoms.  If they do, then we have discovered what the problem is and I am throwing a stupid party.  If the symptoms continue, then I guess it is back to square one on trying to discover what is going on.

I’ve  only been on the meds for one day and I am dizzy as I type this.  I know I need to give it time, but I am really tired of feeling lousy.  Here’s to hoping the symptoms disappear and I get to throw a stupid party in the near future!  I can’t wait to get back to posting boring family stuff, instead of updates on my health.

Any ideas on what would make a stupid party fun?