A little while ago I was listening to one of the local radio morning shows and decided to jot down what I was hearing.  The guest on the show was a family therapist and the topic was strengthening marriage.  The therapist offered three simple tips to help keep a marriage relationship strong.  These tips could also apply to a parent/child relationship if adapted.

1 – Express your love.  Express it verbally by looking for the good in your spouse and pointing it out.  Tell your husband what you love about him.  Point out the things your wife did during the day that pleased you.  Notice your spouse’s focus and ask them about it.  Say, “I love you.”  Express your love physically.  Hold hands.  Cuddle.  Hug.  Rub his/her back.  Kiss each other when departing for the day and then again when you return in the evening.

2 – Spend time together.  Have a weekly date night.  Take a walk around the neighborhood.  Cook a meal together.  Go for a ride to look at the view.  Once or twice a year take a weekend get-a-way.  Make your spouse your top priority.

3 – Talk.  During “relationship time” don’t talk about the stressful things in your life, save that for “problem solving time.”  Talk about your dreams and goals, and ask your spouse about his/hers.  Chat about the little things.  Share a funny story you heard.  Make up a marriage “bucket list.”  Share things from your childhood.  Offer to help your spouse with a task that needs to be done, no strings attached.  Talk about your dream vacation. 

Express your love.  Spend time together.  Talk.  

1,2,3…get to it!