This morning I wore the new slippers Mack gave me.  Yesterday, after church, I wore the new flip-flops Hoob gave me.  Before I leave the house today I will put on the new necklace and earrings Huh gave me.  And this afternoon I will “pick a flower” that has a popsicle stick stem and see what chore Yawlin is willing to do for me.

Something that I’ve noticed is that my kids notice when I use and appreciate the gifts they give me.  I will always treasure the memory I have of Huh getting a big grin on her face last Christmas break when I put my hand near her nose and said, “Smell how good the lotion you gave me smells.” 

A little while ago I purposely wore a “pearler bead” necklace that Yawlin made me last year.  It was fun to be running errands with him and have him suddenly say with pride, “You’re wearing the necklace I made you!”  

My fingernail polish is housed in a salt dough bowl that Hoob made me a few years ago.  A portrait that Mack drew hangs on our magnetic door that leads to the garage.  I have three different sets of slippers that I can wear when my feet get cold and lots and lots of homemade jewelry.

One of the best ways to boost a kid’s self-esteem, and an easy way to show your love in return, is to use and appreciate the gifts they give you.  So wear that stretched out bracelet.  Drink from that lopsided mug.  Hang up that colorful picture that makes you look like you are an alien.  Eat those runny eggs and the burnt toast with gusto.  Gifts were meant to be used, and the love our kids show us needs to be appreciated.

They will notice.