Daughters mean well.

Back in February, at the first parent meeting for our high school softball team, there were sign up sheets passed around for parents to volunteer to help with the various needs and activities of the team.  For the past two years I have volunteered to create the locker fliers that go on the softball players’ lockers on game days.  Doing the locker fliers fits in well with my busy schedule, it is easy to do and doesn’t take up much time.  

At the meeting in February I made sure to sign up for locker fliers and then glanced through the rest of the sign up sheet.  The team dinner sheet caught my attention.  Parents volunteer to host the entire softball team at their home for a dinner after certain practices.  It is a pretty popular activity and the dates fill up quickly.  In all of the years before, I was never able to sign up to host a team dinner because all of the dates had been filled before the sheet reached me.  This year was the same, but what caught my attention was a name listed to host the team dinner for May 6.  “Mikelle” P was listed.  The problem was that “Mikelle” P was not at the meeting.  This particular mom was battling breast cancer and was quite sick from her treatments.  It was obvious that her daughter had signed her up hoping that her mom would feel well enough to host the team dinner by the time May 6 rolled around.  I decided to add my name next to “Mikelle’s” just in case she ended up needing help with the dinner.  I wrote “team dinner” on my calendar and moved on to the next sheet.

The softball season has rolled on and I forgot about the team dinner until I checked my calendar on Monday and saw “Team Dinner” written on Wednesday’s date.  Only a slight case of panic set in.  I called “Mikelle” to see if she felt up to hosting a dinner.  She wasn’t even aware that her daughter had signed her up.  Daughters.  They do mean well.  I quickly assured “Mikelle” that I could host the dinner if she didn’t feel up to it.  The thanked me and took me up on my offer. 

So, my original idea for today’s post will have to wait.  I will be running to a local Asian store to pick up all of the items needed for a  Japanese meal and then I will be doing the necessary house cleaning, because I am just that picky about my house when people are coming over–even if it is just 21 sweaty and dusty softball players!

I am happy to report that “Mikelle’s” treatments are going well and that she even recently returned to work.  She just didn’t feel that she could host a dinner after working all day.  She would be too tired.  She is providing an Asian salad for tonight, and that is plenty.

The weather here today is gorgeous, it will be a treat to be out and about getting stuff for the dinner. 

I’m off…