I heard a saying once:  Be careful how you treat your children because they will choose your rest home.  A little chilling, eh?

We were talking as a family one night about our experiences serving in a local rest home.  One of the kids asked the question, “Where will we put you two when you get old?”  The question referred to Hub and I.  Hub’s kids started joking and announced that they were planning on getting him and their mother a suite together in a rest home.

“Over my dead body!”   I exclaimed.

Once the laughter had died down Mack put her arm around me and said, “Mom, I will let you come live with me.  I am going to live in a big house when I get married.  I will build you a nice room in my basement.  You will have your own bathroom, a tv, a computer, and other stuff to keep you busy.”

“Aw, thanks my favorite daughter.”  I said, looking pointedly at my other three children.

“Yup,” Mack continued, “And on every Tuesday I’ll let you out for a couple of hours.”

Well there’s our future folks!  My husband is going to be stuck in a suite with his ex-wife and I’m going to be locked up in my daughter’s basement.  We’re set!