Here is the game I came up with to play with Yawlin’s class today since he was “Cool Kid” for the week.  Because Mother Nature has a bee in her britches and is dumping snow on us, we played this game in the school gym, but it could easily be adapted for outdoors with more players on the playing field.


Divide the group into two teams.  Regular soccer rules apply.  For an indoor game only five players from each team will be on the playing field at a time.  The rest of the team members line up in a “wait line” near their goal posts.  Play begins like a regular soccer game.  At random moments an adult blows a whistle.  When the whistle is blown every person on the playing field freezes.  (They are not allowed to move at all, even if the soccer ball has just been kicked and is heading straight for a goal; the goalie must remain frozen and let the ball go through the goal posts to score.)  The adult holds up 1 to 5 fingers.  The number of fingers indicates the number of players in the two team “wait lines” who get to run onto the field, tag one of their teammates, and take their place (even assuming the same frozen position).  Those who have been tagged run to the end of their team’s “wait line” to await another chance to play.  Players must keep their place in line, moving forward in line as the players in front of them get the chance to take the field.  Once the new players are on the field, play resumes on the word “go.”  Continue playing the game, randomly blowing the whistle and switching players for a set amount of time, or a certain score is reached.

Make sure the kids understand that once the whistle is blown they must freeze.  They are not allowed to run away from a teammate who is attempting to tag them to go to the wait line.  Good sportsmanship must prevail and if they have been tagged to go to the wait line they must do it quickly so that the game can continue.   Those who break any of the regular soccer rules, the freeze rules, or who attempt to jump ahead in the wait line can simply be removed from the game.