I was sitting at the counter this morning doing my reading and journaling when Hoob came into the kitchen and looked at the Mac-n-Cheese with a side of peas that I’d prepared for breakfast.  “Oh, nice April Fool’s breakfast, Mom.”  She grabbed a plate and started to dish up.

“What, you don’t like my choice for breakfast today?  I thought it sounded yummy.”

Hoob gave a slight eye roll.  “It looks deeelish.”  She took her plate and sat by the fire to eat her Mac-n-cheese with a side of peas.  When she had finished she came back for seconds.

While she was dishing up again I casually asked, “Do you know who taped the handle of the kitchen sprayer down?”

She laughed.  I knew I had the right person.  “Well,”  I said, “when I turned the water on I got sprayed good, along with the fridge, microwave, and floor.”  Hoob laughed again, quite proud of her prank.

I went to check on Mack to see if she planned on going to school.  She hasn’t been feeling well.  When I came back up into the kitchen Huh was standing looking into the fridge.  She glanced at me and asked, “Who made mac-n-cheese and left it out all night?”

“It was made this morning.  It’s our breakfast.”

Huh closed the fridge, understanding showing on her face.  “It’s April Fool’s Day.”  She got a plate out of the cupboard and dished up some mac-n-cheese minus the peas. 

Later, while I was dropping Huh off at school Yawlin called my cell phone.  “What’s for breakfast?”  he asked. 

“The mac-n-cheese and peas you see sitting on the counter.”

“No, what’s really for breakfast?”

“That is really our breakfast.”

“Mom, where did you hide the milk?”

“I didn’t hide it.  We are out.”

Yawlin was getting frustrated.  “Where is the milk?  I want cereal.”

“Yawlin, there really is no milk.  I will have to go to the store later today.  It’s April Fool’s day.  Try some of the mac-n-cheese.”

“Ew, I guess I just won’t eat.”

“That’s your choice.  Or, I suppose you could have some fruit from the fruit bowl.”

When I got back home Yawlin was standing near the sink eating orange slices.  I dished up some mac-n-cheese with a side of peas and took a bite.  “Mmmmm, nothing like a fine helping of mac-n-cheese with a side of peas for breakfast!”  Yawlin ignored me.

After I got home from my morning crossing I saw Hub standing and looking at the breakfast on the counter.  “Are we having this because I forgot to get milk last night?”

I laughed.  “We are having that because it’s April Fool’s Day.”  Hub got a relieved look on his face.  He had apparently thought I was trying to make a statement about him forgetting to get milk.  Hub chose to make himself a smoothie for breakfast instead of having Mac-n-cheese with a side of peas.

Mack decided to give school a try, even though her stomach still hurt a little.  She came into my room to let me know she was ready.   She was holding a tortilla rolled up with peanut butter in her hand.  “You’re not having mac-n-cheese with a side of peas for breakfast?”  I asked.

Mack held up her tortilla and said, “April fool’s.”  The message:  Yes, I know it is April Fool’s day, but I am sticking with my peanut butter wrap.

Somehow I don’t think I am going to get many complaints when I make french toast for dinner tonight.