My kids usually get to have dinner with their father on Thursday nights.  Last night he was late picking them up (not uncommon).  Since there was time, Mack decided to do something about Huh’s wayward balloon.


The balloon was part of a gift to Huh for her 18th birthday on February 16.  It escaped its string two days later and has been mocking us from the ceiling of our entry way ever since.  ****Mack begins her quest by throwing push pins at the balloon.  Not only do the push pins not work, they keep falling and getting lost in the house plants below.  Time for a new strategy–that of a mini screwdriver found in the kitchen junk drawer.



After enduring a lecture from Concerned-But-Amused-Mom (me) about not throwing sharp objects in the house that can leave minuscule holes in the wall, or take someone’s eye out, Mack dutifully perches precariously on the railing and retrieves the failure of a balloon killer.


Hoob and Yawlin decide to get into the act and begin to throw other objects at the balloon, including a pencil that Hoob insists was thrown eraser first (not pointy side first).  The objects only succeed in “denting” the balloon.


Mack goes on a search mission in Yawlin’s room to find the perfect weapon to destroy the mocking balloon.  She emerges with a plastic light sabre.  Holding the stair rail and leaning dangerously over the stair edge she begins to pummel the balloon with all her might.


A fatal blow is delivered.


The dying balloon falls to the floor below. 


A victorious Mack sends a text to Huh (who is away in Nevada at a ball tournament with her high school softball team) letting her know of the murderous attack upon her balloon.

Huh sends a text back:  “No!  That was my baby!  It wasn’t even a year old.”

Mack sends a reply:  “Too bad.  We killed it and it is gone.”

The three siblings continue to revel in their victory.


I really need to find a way to get their father to pick these kids up on time.