I have an old Garfield comic taped to my refrigerator that I like.  In the first frame Garfield is walking away from his empty food dish and thinking, “Another breakfast just like the one before…”  In the next frame he passes Jon and thinks, “Jon enjoying his coffee…”  Next is, “Odie with his ever present dingle ball…”  Then Garfield walks to his bed.  The thought bubble over his head says, “Sigh…same ol’, same ol’…”  Garfield looks around and then climbs into his bed and with a fist pump in the air thinks his final thought, “Yessss.”

Yes, indeed.  Same ol’, same ol’ ordinary days are a blessing.  Today is such a day.  There is nothing blog-worthy to report.  We ate a breakfast of croissant ham and cheese sandwiches.  I reminded Hoob to take out the trash.  I listened to Yawlin work on memorizing a poem for school while we sat at my morning crossing together.  I have done the regular kitchen clean-up and vacuumed the family room floor.  When I am done posting I will clean the shower in my bathroom and later today I will put the finishing touches on my Winslow Homer art lesson that I will teach tomorrow.

I’m not going on a fancy trip to get out of the cold.  I haven’t received news that some forgotten relative has left me a huge sum of money in their will.  I haven’t been “discovered” as the next hot cover girl (Ha, now that would be funny for this 41 year old stay at home mom!).  There is nothing exciting about today.

But, I am also not dealing with any major health issues.  My family is healthy, physically and emotionally.  The kids are staying caught up with school work.  There is no drama going on with the exes (though I choose not to write about that stuff on my blog anyway).  Things are quiet.  Normal.  Ordinary.  

I am reminded of another favorite quote (author unknown):  “Ordinary day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.”

Yes, today is a treasure.