Living with teenagers can be quite entertaining at times.  Even the most common, every day occurrences can become a show.  Two weeks ago, as I passed Mack in the hall, I noticed that she was holding a ziplock bag of ice to her forehead.  Concerned, I asked, “What happened?”

Mack dropped her arm and pointed with her other hand to a spot on her forehead.  “I have a zit.”  I moved closer and, sure enough, there was a small red swelling on Mack’s forehead.

“So, why the ice?”  I asked.

“Hoob says the zit yells at her.”

I laughed.  “Okaaaay.”

Mack continued.  “She says the zit yells at her so I looked on the Internet and someone says that if you put ice on a zit it will go away.”

“Oh.  Well, good luck with that.”

Thirty minutes later Mack was back on the computer looking for a different way to get rid of the zit.  She’d lost patience with the ice.  That darned zit hadn’t disappeared in minutes like she’d hoped.

A little while later I was helping Yawlin with homework when Mack came into the kitchen.  I glanced up at her and then did a double take.  “Is that toothpaste on your forehead?”

“Yes.  Someone says that if you put toothpaste on a zit it will make it go away.”

From the other room we heard Hoob chime, “That zit yells at me!”

“I knoooow!”  Mack wailed.

Poor Mack spent the rest of the evening trying to find the quickest way to get rid of a zit.  For whatever reason, she rejected my suggestion to just cover it up with a little make-up.  The next morning Mack had hit upon the perfect solution.  She covered the zit with a wide headband.  She pinned a satin flower to one side of the headband and curled her hair.  She looked really cute.  I could tell she was pleased with the result.

“It looks like the zit has been muffled,” I said.

“Yup.”  Mack grinned.

When I picked our three high school girls up from school, Huh was the first out to the car.  As she settled in the front passenger seat we saw Mack come out of the school.  “Mack looks really cute today.  I like the way she did her hair,” said Huh.

“That was her solution to the yelling zit.”


“She has a zit on her forehead.  She’s been stressed about it ever since Hoob said that the zit yells at her.”

“The zit yells at her?”  Huh laughed.

“Yes.  You missed all the drama last night.  The headband is her solution.”

As soon as Mack got into the car Huh said, “So, you have a zit that yells at people?”

Mack pushed the headband up and leaned forward so Huh could see the zit .  “Yes!  It’s not going away!”

Huh and I both laughed.  Huh said, “I thought you had just come up with a cute new way to do your hair.  You do look cute today.”  (Aw, what a nice big sister!)

Later, while the girls were looking for something to snack on in the kitchen, I noticed that Mack had never moved the headband back down to cover the zit.  I couldn’t resist.  “Hey Mack, that zit is yelling at me!”

“Moooom!’  Mack quickly moved the headband back into place.  We all laughed and then Mack said, “Jimmy just won’t go away.”

“Jimmy.  Who is Jimmy?”

“My zit.  I named it Jimmy.”

“You named your zit?” asked Huh.  “Mack you don’t name a zit.  If you name it you become attached to it and it will never go away!”

“Oh noooo!”  Again, we all laughed.

I asked, “So why did you you choose Jimmy as the name?”

“I dunno.  Jimmy just seemed so zit-like.”  ( Our apologies to all those named Jimmy)

A few days later I developed a red bump on the side of my nose.  I tried covering it with make-up, but it didn’t really hide it.  As I was asking the girls about their day Huh suddenly said, “Mom, that thing on your nose is yelling at me.”

“I know,” I wailed.  “I don’t know what it is, and it won’t go away!”

Mack looked over from where she was getting a drink at the kitchen sink and said, “Maybe Jimmy jumped from my face to yours!”

“See,” said Huh.  “You named the zit, and now it’s attached to our family.  It’s never going to go away!”

“It’s all your fault, Mack.”  I tried to look serious.  “You owe me extra chores.”

I never did get her to do those chores.  I am happy to report that both Mack and I are currently free from face blemishes.  I am sure it is only a matter of time before Jimmy reappears on someone in our family and starts yelling at everyone.  It would seem that Jimmy the yelling zit is now a part of our family lore.