One year ago today I started blogging.  It has been so much fun and is now my favorite hobby.  I wanted to run a contest to celebrate (and I still might), but today I am teaching Elementary students about Pablo Picasso and don’t have much time.  I am dashing this post off on a quick break before I head to the first grade classroom.  One of the things I do periodically is check my blog stats and one of my favorite things to check is to see how people have found my blog–what they have “googled.”  Most of it is pretty blah, but occasionally there is an interesting phrase.  Here are a few I have jotted down over the past year (I kind of wish I had checked that particular stat more often):

*fat guy with BYU shirt  (I have never talked about overweight men OR BYU on my blog)

*Why do people crunch potato chips so loud?  and Annoying potato chip crunching.

*married to a buffoon (I promise, dear, I have never referred to you as a buffoon!)

*sound of obnoxious kid

*stupid rituals of days gone by (should my feelings be hurt?)

*consequences that suck (did my kids try finding my blog?)

*waitress piggy back ride

*I eat everything with BBQ sauce

*Do the you

*vacuum – how does it work? (something I have to continually reteach my kids regarding their rooms!)

*I heard a Holy Ghost foot soldier (just what IS a Holy Ghost foot soldier? And what does one sound like?)

Okay, my cubism lesson calls.  Enjoy the day!