Trying to get a bathtub unclogged took most of my time yesterday, thus preventing me from posting on my blog.  The stupid clog is still there.  Any suggestions?  Besides calling a plumber, I mean. 

In the meantime, I will type some random stuff from our family to yours:


Squid got to use his very first credit card for the very first time last week.  He considers it a milestone and announced it to the whole family.  I told him I would make a note of it on my blog.  And just what did he use his credit card for?  A car repair.  And not just any car repair, mind you, he used it to fix the funny noise his fan was making.  And what was causing that funny noise?  Dog food.  Yup, dog food.  And just how did the dog food get in there?  That is the mystery, although the mechanic speculates that it was mice trying to store a supply of food.  

I was relieved to see that it wasn’t the type of dog food we feed our dog; I don’t want to be dealing with a mouse problem–ever!  It most likely came from Squid’s mom’s house.  The mechanic says Squid is lucky.  He’s seen food and other packing materials stuffed so tightly into car engines by mice that the engine has burned up.  

Squid knows to pay the balance on his card off in full when the bill comes.  He just thought it was cool when the mechanic got to “run” his card.  As for the mouse food storage…the critter(s) will have to start over in some other car.


Mack returned to school last week still feeling a little lousy from her tonsillectomy.  Slowly the pain in her throat has subsided.  Yesterday she felt so good that she decided to wear flip-flops to school.

Me:  “You’re wearing Flip-Flops in February?’

Mack:  “Well, I don’t have to go outside at all once I’m at school.  I’ll be fine.”

The vice principal spotted Mack at school wearing her flip-flops.

Vice principal:  “You’re wearing flip-flops in February?”

Mack:  “Well, I don’t have to go outside at all now that I’m here.  I’ll be fine.”

And so, the teen habit of wearing summer clothing all winter long is alive and well.


Hoob and I had to run to DanceWear, Inc. yesterday to get her some “convert-able” tights.  That’s what she called them.  Apparently they are the best type of tights to wear with pointe shoes.  Hoob, of course, waited to tell me that she needed “convert-able” tights for her dance class last night until the last minute.  Never having heard of “convert-able”  tights, and being consumed with unclogging a bathtub, I told her we would make one stop, and one stop only.  If we couldn’t find “convert-able” tights at that one stop she would have to wait until another time to get them.

We walked into DanceWear, Inc. and were met by a very nice store employee.  I asked if they had “convert-able” tights and she immediately led us to a display on the wall.  We were able to find Hoob’s size and left with the “convert-able” tights in hand.  The package says they are Adaptatoe tights.  Convert-able,  Adaptatoe (Adapt a toe), two new “words” for this mom.

As we were driving home, my cell phone rang.  I try to never answer my phone while I am driving, so my kids have gotten into the habit of answering the phone for me.  Hoob picked it up and looked at the screen to see who was calling me.  She burst into laughter and said, “I butt dialed you!”

I glanced over at her.  “You what?”

“I butt dialed you.  My phone is in my back pocket and I must have sat on it weird.  It called your phone.”

I laughed at the term and later on told Huh and Mack about it.

“You’ve never heard of butt dialing, Mom?” asked Huh.  “That term has been around forever.”


Well, at least now the term “butt dialing” has been added to my vocabulary so that I can be a hip mom.