Some birthday and tonsillectomy tidbits:

*Since I was teaching art all day on my 41st birthday, I thought it would be a nice gesture to bring each of the classes a small treat to celebrate.  I chose “Smarties” because they are inexpensive and not messy.  When I announced to the 2nd graders that it was my birthday and that they would get a small treat at the end of the art lesson one girl asked, “It’s your birthday?  How old are you?”

“Old,” I replied.

One boy piped up, “Yeah, like fifty-three!”


Then I hear another girl say, “She must be getting old, look at her clothes!”

Sheeesh!  What a way to start my day!  When I told this story to my teenage daughters later in the day they laughed and then looked at my clothes.  “What’s wrong with your clothes?” asked Huh.  “There’s nothing wrong with your clothes.”  Huh scored major points with that comment.

*When I announced to the first graders that it was my birthday they immediately sang the “short”  Happy Birthday song.  Some of them made me impromptu birthday cards instead of listening to the lesson.  Sigh.

*On my lunch break Hub showed up at the school with balloons, flowers, and a decorated birthday cake for me to share with whichever class I happened to be teaching next.  He didn’t know it, but the next class I was teaching was my son Yawlin’s third-grade class.  Perfect timing!  Yawlin later told his step dad thanks for providing cake for his class.  Yawlin must have already told his class that it was my birthday because as soon as I walked in I was greeted with the Happy Birthday song in Portuguese.  And they were all very good during the art lesson so that they could get a piece of cake at the end.

*One of the highlights of the day was all of the hugs I got from both kindergarten classes after I told them it was my birthday.

*As far as doing no housework on my birthday…I still ended up doing a little here and there because it drives me crazy to see much of a mess anywhere.  My family knows that and I think they make messes on purpose just to watch me clean them up!

*The next day was Mack’s tonsillectomy.  It went well and it turns out that it was a good thing we had the tonsils removed when we did because the doctor told me he found an abscess on the right tonsil that he hadn’t seen in the initial examination.  Both the surgeon and anesthesiologist told me that they were the biggest tonsils they’d ever seen.  The surgeon called them monsters.  The anesthesiologist said that Mack had to have lost weight just by removing them, they were so big!

*Mack is very sore and it has been quite a task for me to get her to eat or drink anything.  She is so sick of Jell-O, ice cream, Power Ade, and juices.  She is keeping a mental list of all the foods she wants me to get from the store once she feels better and she informs me of any new entries on the list any time I pass her make-shift bed on the couch.

*On Monday she actually requested a poached egg with salt for breakfast.  She was able to get it down, but it was the last time she ate anything  somewhat solid for the rest of that day.  The rest of the time she was back to popsicles and drinks.  She has lost seven pounds since Friday.  Hopefully today will be better for her.

That’s about it for now.  I hear my kids stirring, it is time to go fix breakfast and get them all out the door to school.  I missed blogland!  Hopefully I can get back to a regular blogging schedule soon.